The story behind EscapadeX

The story of EscapadeX begins with a profound love for nature, for snowy mountains, evergreen valleys, and gushing rivers; for the moment of finally reaching the peak at the end of a climb, when the scenery fully reveals itself to you, and you realize what is meant by the expression "to skip a beat"; for the child-like excitement at the sight of a rare animal in its natural surroundings, or when crawling into a sleeping bag on a night of a million stars.

For years, our crew has journeyed through hiking paths in the United States and across the planet, gathering thousands of miles and field nights worth of experience. That experience has taught us the importance of high-end quality gear in general, and in risky situations in particular. We have learned that good equipment, strictly selected, could not only make your adventure better - but could actually save your life.

This is the reason we embarked on an additional journey, this time - to attend conventions, exhibitions and numerous factories in America, Europe, and East Asia - all for the purpose of bringing you the best, most durable equipment, at reasonable prices. Once tested in the field by the Escapade X's dedicated, experienced team, we stand by our merchandise 100%, assuring to provide you with excellent gear, for excellent prices.  

So go ahead, the world awaits! 

Gear yourself up.