Lightweight Wood Stove
Lightweight Wood Stove
Lightweight Wood Stove
Lightweight Wood Stove
Lightweight Wood Stove


Lightweight Wood Stove

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Tired of carrying all those extra gas bottles on a long journey?

Do you want more space on your backpack and less weight on your shoulders?

The Lightweight stainless steel wood stove is the perfect solution for you!

Weighing about the same as an empty gas bottle, the wood stove will provide decent and concentrated fire for as long as you want.

The technology utilized in this wood stove makes use of small amounts of wood, producing intensive heat for long periods of time.

Saving the cost and the weight of gas is important for a smooth travel, your pot and lots of your food will be completely useless if you accidentally ran out of gas in the middle of the trip, and even the most experienced hikers have made mistakes in calculating their gas supply for a long adventure.

Last but not least, The wood the wood stove is Eco-friendly, using branches and wood instead of polluting gas. and making less trash leaving the empty gas bottles at home.


IMPORTANT: the wood stove does NOT count as an open fire, that means you can use it even where there's camping fire bans and stove use only.


  • Material: stainless steel
  • Packed size: Approx, 14x7 cm / 5.5x2.8 inch
  • Weight: 360 gr / 0.8 lbs





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